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    KU- Kurukshetra University Admissions 2018 Schedule

    KU- Kurukshetra University Admissions 2018 Schedule, Courses, Seats, Eligibility, Mode of Admission, Admit Card, Result, Merit List and Counselling Schedule 

    Candidates can apply online for admission in following programmes through the University website www.kuk.ac.in
    Online submission of Application Form will commence w.e.f. 06.06.2018. 
    After completing the Application Form in all respect, the candidate must download the print out of Application Form filled in online and submit the same alongwith required documents and fee receipt in the office of Chairperson/Director of the Department/Institute concern by due date as per schedule

    Courses Offered- 

    For M.A. in Panjabi; Education; Yoga; A.I.H., Cul. & Arch.; Fine Arts; Vocal & Instrumental; Sanskrit; Defence Strategic Studies; Women Studies; Philosophy 
    M. Lib. & Inf. Sc.; MBA-5Yr. Integrated Practice Oriented Course; M.Ed. Spl. Ed. (V.I.); MFA; MPA. 
    M.Sc. in Food & Nutrition; Human Development; Clothing & Textiles; Electronic Science; Applied Geology; M.Sc. Tech in Applied Geophysics; Statistics 
    B.Lib. & Inf. Sc.; B.A. Mass Comm.; B.Sc. Graphic & Animation; B.Sc. Multi Media; BHM&CT; B.Ed. Special Ed.(V.I.); B.P.Ed.; B.Pharmacy (LEET). 
    P.G. Diploma in Floriculture; Women Studies; Yoga; Certificate Course in Yoga M.Tech. in Applied Geology 5-Yr. Integrated Course

    Last Date for Group-i-

    Last Date for online Regn. upto midnight- 25.06.2018
    Last Date for receipt of print out of Application Forms filled in online with documents upto 17.00 hrs.- 29.06.2018


    P.G. Diploma Course in Translation (Hindi/English/Panjabi); Guidance, Counseling and Psychotherapy; 
    Diploma in Reasoning; French; German; Urdu; 
    Certificate Course in Bhagvadgita; Communication Skills; French; German; Urdu ; Panjabi, 
    Advanced Diploma in French; German

    Last Date for Group-ii-

    Last Date for online Regn. upto midnight- 26.07.2018
    Last Date for receipt of print out of Application Forms filled in online with documents upto 17.00 hrs.- 30.07.2018


    B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)-5 Yr. Integrated Course; LL.B. (Professional) 3 Yr.; 
    M.Sc. Computer Science (Software); MCA 3-Yr.; MCA (LEET).

    Last Date for Group-iii-

    Last Date for online Regn. upto midnight- 25.06.2018


    M.Tech. in Energy & Environmental Mgt.; Computer Sc. & Engg.; Micro-electronic and VLSI Designs; Nano Sc. & Tech.; Instrumentation Engg.; Bio-tech.; Computer Engg.; Electrical Engg.; Electronics & Comm. Engg.; Material Sc. & Tech.; Mechanical Engg. (Industrial & Production Engg.); Mechanical Engg. (Thermal Engg.); Software Engg. 

    Last Date for Group-iv-

    Last Date for online Regn. upto midnight- 16.07.2018


    M.Phil. in English; Hindi; Library & Information Sc.; Panjabi; Commerce; Journalism & Mass Communication; Tourism & Hotel Mgt.; Education; A.I.H., Cul. & Arch.; Music & Dance; Philosophy; Sanskrit; Botany; Geography; Mathematics; Economics; History; Political Science; Psychology; Public Administration; Sociology. 
    Certificate Course of Sports Dietician; Certificate Course in Gym & Aerobic Instructor

    Last Date for Group-v-

    Schedule will be issued later on.


    B.Tech. Printing. Graphics & Packaging 4-Yr.; B.Tech. Printing. Graphics & Packaging (LEET) 3-Yr.; B.Tech. Instrumentation Engg. 4-Yr.; B.Tech. Instrumentation Engg. (LEET) 3-Yr.; B.Tech Bio-Technology Engg (BT).; B.Tech Bio-Technology Engg (BT.) (LEET); B.Tech. Computer Science & Engg. (CSE); B.Tech. Computer Science & Engg. (CSE) (LEET); B. Tech. Electronics & Comm. Engg. (ECE); B. Tech. Electronics & Comm. Engg. (ECE) (LEET); B.Tech. Mechanical Engg. (ME); B.Tech. Mechanical Engg. (ME) (LEET)

    Last Date for Group-vi-

    Admission will be made by the HSTES on JEE merit. Separate Prospectus is available on website www.tehadmissions.gov.in and www.hstes.org.in. Registration work is in progress w.e.f. 23.05.2018


    M.A. in English; Hindi; Journalism & Mass Comm.; Economics; Business conomics; History; Political Science; Psychology; Public Administration; Sociology. 
    M.Com.; Master of Social Work (MSW); MBA 2- Yr.; M.Sc. (Mass Comm.); LL.M.; M.Sc. (Geography); M.P.Ed. 

    Last Date for Group-vii-

    Admission of all the State Universities will be made on Centralized basis by KUK. Separate Prospectus (KUK-18) is available on the university website : www.kuk.ac.in & Admission Portal : https://kukadmissions.in
    Registration work is in progress. Last date is 15.06.2018


    M. Pharmacy; M.Sc. in Bio-technology; Botany; Bio-chemistry; Environmental Sciences; Chemistry; Chemistry with specialization in Pharmaceuticals; Micro-biology; Physics; Mathematics; Zoology; Forensic Science.

    Last Date for Group-viii-

    Admission of all the State Universities will be made on Centralized basis by MDU, Rohtak. Separate Prospectus is available on the MDU website : www.mdurohtak.com
    Registration work is in progress. Last date is 15.06.2018

    Application Fee-

    The applications will be submitted online alongwith a fee of Rs.600/-(Rs.150/- for SC/BC/Blind candidates of Haryana). 
    The application processing fee will be submitted online only. 

    Key Dates-

    1. Publication of Admission Notice by- 04.06.2018 
    2. Filling of Online Application Form will commence w.e.f. 06.06.2018 
    3. Last date for submission of Online Application Form- As per schedule given above.
    4. Admit Card along with details of Examination Centre will be available for download onwards- After the last date of submission of Application Form 
    5. Entrance Examination to be conducted during- 04.07.2018 to 27.07.2018 
    6. Results of Common Entrance Examination will be declared during- 07.07.2018 to 29.07.2018 


    M.Phil. (English) 1- Yr.- 15
    Cert. Course in French 1-Yr.- 120 
    Cert. Course in German (1-Yr.)- 120 
    Diploma in French 1-Yr.- 60 
    Diploma in German 1-Yr.- 60 
    Advanced Dip. in French 1-Yr.- 60 
    Advanced Dip. in German (1-Yr.)- 60 
    M. Phil. (Hindi) 1-Yr.- 20 
    B. Lib. & Inf. Sc. (1 Yr.)- 40 
    M. Lib. & Inf. Sc. (1 Yr.)- 40 
    M. Phil. (Lib. & Inf. Sc.) 1-Yr- 15 
    M.A. (Panjabi) 2- Yr.- 60 
    M. Phil. (Panjabi) 1- Yr.- 20 
    Cert. Course in Panjabi (Evening) 1Yr.* - 40 
    PG Dip. in Translation (Hindi/ English/Panjabi) (Evening) 1Yr.*- 60 
    Cert. in Communication Skills 1-Yr.- 45
    Certificate Course in Urdu 1 Yr.- 6
    Diploma in Urdu 1 Yr.- 40 
    M.Phil. (Commerce) 1Yr.- 20 
    B.A. Mass Communication 3-Yr.*- 50 
    B.Sc. (Graphics & Animation) 3-Yr.*- 40 
    B.Sc. (Multimedia) 3-Yr.*- 40 
    M.Phil. (Journalism & Mass Comm.) 1-Yr.- 15 
    MBA 5 Yr. Integrated Course*- 60 
    MTTM 2-Yr.- 40 
    MHM & CT 2-Yr.*- 35 
    BHM & CT 4-Yr.*- 60 
    M.Phil. ( Tourism & Hotel Mgt.) 1-Yr.- 20
    M.A. (Education) 2-Yr.- 35 
    M.Ed. 2-Yr.-50 
    M.Ed. Spl. Ed. (V.I.) 2-Yr.-10 
    B.Ed. Spl.Ed. (V.I.) 2-Yr.-20 
    M.Phil. (Education) 1-Yr.-35 
    M.A. Yoga - 2 Yr.*-4
    B.P.Ed. 2-Yr.* -50 
    P.G. Diploma in Yoga 1-Yr. *-40 
    Certificate Course in Yoga (3 months)*-30 
    Certificate Course of Sports Dietician – 3 month (Evening)*-30 
    Cert. Course of Gym. & Aerobic Instructor (3 month)*-30 
    M.A. (A.I.H. Cul. & Arch.) 2-Yr.-35 
    M. Phil.( A.I.H. Cul. & Arch.) 2-Yr.-15 
    M.A. (Fine Arts) (Painting and Applied Art) 2-Yr.-30 
    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture 4-Yr.*-50 
    Master of Fine Arts (MFA) 2-Yr.*-50 
    M.A. (Vocal & Instrumental) 2-Yr.-36 
    Master of Performing Arts (MPA) (Hons.) 5 Yr. Integrated Course-40 
    M. Phil. (Music) 1- Yr.-15 
    M.A. (Philosophy) 2-Yr.-4
    M.Phil. (Philosophy) 2-Yr.-1
    Diploma in Reasoning (Evening) 6 Months-30 
    Cert. Course in Bhagvadgita (Evening) 1-Yr.-40 
    M.A. (Sanskrit) 2-Yr.-60 
    M.Phil. (Sanskrit) 2-Yr.-15 
    B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) 5 Yr. Integrated Course *-120 
    LL.B (Professional) 3-Yr.-180 
    M. Phil.-10 
    P.G. Diploma in Floriculture 1-Yr.-20 
    M.Sc. in Food & Nutrition 2-Yr.-30 
    M.Sc. (Human Development) 2-Yr.*-20 
    M.Sc. (Clothing & Textiles) 2-Yr.*-20 
    M.Tech. (Energy & Environmental Mgt.) 2-Yr. -18 
    B. Pharmacy 4-Yr.*-100 
    B. Pharmacy (LEET) 3-Yr.*-12 
    M.Tech.(Computer Science & Engg.) 2-Yr-60 
    M.Sc. (Computer Science (Software) 2-Yr.*-50 
    MCA (LEET) 2-Yr.-20 
    MCA 3-Yr.-100 
    M.Sc. in Electronic Sc. 2-Yr.-40 
    M.Tech. Micro Electronics and VLSI Designs 2-Yr.*-30 
    M.Tech. (Nano Sc. & Tech.) 2-Yr.*-20 
    M.Phil. (Geography) 1-Yr.-15 
    M.Sc. (Applied Geology) 2-Yr.-30 
    M.Tech. (Applied Geology) 5 Yr. Integrated Course*-24 
    M.Sc. Tech. in Applied Geophysics 3-Yr.-25 
    M.Tech. Instrumentation Engg. 2-Yr.*-20 
    M.Phil.(Maths.) 2-Yr.-1
    M.Sc. (Statistics.) 2-Yr.-45 
    M. Phil. (Economics) 1-Yr.-20 
    M. Phil. (History) 1-Yr.-15 
    M.A.(Defence Strategic Studies)2- Yr.-30 
    M.Phil. (Political Science) 1- Yr.-12 
    P.G. Diploma in Guidance, Counseling & Psychotherapy 1-Yr.*-25 
    M.Phil. (Psychology) 1-Yr.-10 
    M.Phil. (Public Admn.) 1-Yr.-15 
    M.Phil. (Sociology) 1-Yr.-10 
    M.A. (Women’s Studies) 2-Yr.-20 
    P.G. Dip. in Women’s Studies 1-Yr.-20 
    M. Tech. Computer Engg.* 2-Yr-18 
    M.Tech. Software Engg.* 2-Yr-18 
    M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.* 2-Yr-18 
    M.Tech. Bio-technology* 2-Yr-18 
    M.Tech. Mechanical Engg. (with Specialization in Thermal Engg.)*2-Yr.- 18 
    M.Tech. Mechanical Engg.(with Specialization in Industrial & Production Engg.)* 2-Yr.- 18 
    M.Tech Electrical Engg.* 2-Yr.-18 
    M.Tech. Material Sc. & Tech.* 2-Yr.-18 

    For more info view prospectus. To download Prospectus- Click here

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