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    GATE 2020 Schedule, Applications, Syllabus, Subjects & Admit Card

    GATE 2020 Schedule, Applications, Syllabus, Subjects & Admit Card

    About GATE 2020

     IIT Delhi is the organising institute for GATE 2020.
     Information website for GATE 2020 is http://gate.iitd.ac.in
     GATE 2020 will be conducted on 25 subjects (also referred to as “papers”).
     Examination for all the 25 subjects (papers) will be conducted as ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT).

    The online examination paper will contain some questions for which numerical answers must be keyed in by the candidate using a virtual keypad. Rest of the questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type. The Candidates will use ONLY an on-screen virtual calculator provided for the examination.

     A candidate can appear only in ANY ONE paper of the GATE examination.
     GATE 2020 examinations will be held during the forenoon and afternoon sessions on 1st, 2nd, 8th & 9th of February 2020.

    Examination for some of the papers in GATE 2020 may be held in multiple sessions. However, a candidate can appear for the examination in one session ONLY.

     Candidates have to register and fill the application via ONLINE mode ONLY at GATE Online

    Application Processing System (GOAPS). The link will be made available on GATE 2020 website http://appsgate.iitd.ac.in.

    The entire process of filling up of the application form and uploading of certificates/documents, etc. is in online mode only. The candidates should not send any hard copy of his/her application form/documents etc. to IIT Delhi or any of the zonal GATE offices.

     The payment of application fees is through electronic mode.

     The Admit Cards for GATE 2020 would be available only on GOAPS website. Candidates can download their Admit Card from GOAPS website. No printed copy of the Admit Cards will be posted to the candidates.

     The candidate has to appear at the GATE Examination Centre on the date and time specified in the Admit Card.
    No request for any changes in the Centre or Date/Time specified in the Admit Card will be entertained. Similarly, this being an examination body with certain constraints, candidates needing very special or specific facility for the examination may not be entertained. Hence, candidates are requested to adhere to the facilities that are possible within the ambit and resources of GATE Examination Body.

    Important dates for GATE 2020 

    i. GATE Online Application Processing System(GOAPS) Website Opens- (Tuesday) 3rd September, 2019.
    ii. Closing Date for Submission of (Online) Application (through Website)- (Tuesday) 24th September, 2019
    iii. Extended Closing Date for Submission of (Online) Application (through Website)- (Tuesday) 1st October, 2019.
    iv. Last Date for Requesting Change of Examination City (an additional fee will be applicable)- (Friday) 15th November 2019.
    v. Admit Card will be available in the Online Application Portal (for printing)- (Friday) 3rd January, 2020.

    vi. GATE 2020 Examination-

    Forenoon: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (Tentative)
    Afternoon: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (Tentative)
    1st February 2020 (Saturday)
    2nd February 2020 (Sunday)
    8th February 2020 (Saturday)
    9th February 2020 (Sunday)
    vii.Announcement of the Results in the Online Application Portal- Monday 16th March 2020

    Eligibility for GATE 2020

    For eligibity criteria- Click here

    Application Process

    GOAPS: http://appsgate.iitd.ac.in is the webpage/web address of the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS). It can also be accessed from the GATE 2020 website (http://gate.iitd.ac.in).

    Required Documents for Application-

    To view required documents- Click here

    Details of Application Fee for GATE 2020

    i. For Examination Centres in India 

    On or Before 24th, Sept. 2019
    Female candidates- 750
    SC/ST/PwD* category candidates- 750
    All other candidates- 1500

    During the Extended Period
    Female candidates- 1250
    SC/ST/PwD* category candidates- 1250
    All other candidates- 2000

    ii. For Examination Centres outside India (All Candidates)

    Addis Ababa, Colombo, Dhaka and Kathmandu- US$ 50  
    During Extended Period- US$ 70
    Dubai and Singapore- US$ 100 
    During Extended Period- US$ 120

    Syllabus for GATE 2020- 

    Syllabus for GATE 2020 is now available on the official portal. To download the syllabus- Click here

    GATE 2020 Subject-wise Examination Schedule-

    S1  01.02.2020 (Saturday) 09:30–12:30 hrs (1st Session)- IN, ME1, MT, PE, PH
    S2  01.02.2020 (Saturday) 14:30 – 17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)- CY, ME2, PI
    S3  02.02.2020 (Sunday) 09:30–12:30 hrs (1st Session)- AR, BM, BT, CH, MA, MN, ST, XE, XL
    S4  02.02.2020 (Sunday) 14:30 – 17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)- AE, AG, EC, GG
    S5  08.02.2020 (Saturday) 09:30 – 12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)-EE, EY, TF
    S6  08 February 2020 (Saturday) 14:30 – 17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)- CS
    S7  09 February 2020 (Sunday) 09:30 – 12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)- CE1
    S8  09 February 2020 (Sunday) 14:30 – 17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)- CE2

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